page contents 10 times Dumb People Call 911

10 times Dumb People Call 911

well everybody must have thought that one should call 911 for any emergency

When awkward reasons but for dumb people call 911 for their own personal reasons



10 Curtain set on fire

Owens saw a fire in her bathroom, she called 911. The fire department showed up to discover that the “flames” were just sunlight reflecting off the shower curtain.





9  Shadow!

In 2011, a British man in Canterbury dialed 999 (British emergency number) to report a massive light source above his house. The dispatcher told him that she would look into it, but the man called back 2 minutes later saying, “You won’t believe this…it’s the moon!”





8 A Bad Manicure

When the nail tech didn’t do her nails right, Cynthia Colston of Florida called the  police. She then called again to ask when the police were going to show up. Then when the police did show up, she called yet again to complain that nothing was being done. Well, that’s not entirely correct. Something was done – Cynthia got taken to jail.






7 Politics Can Be Dirty

Local Cleveland school board member Andrew Mizsak was living in his parent’s basement when he refused to clean his room. (He was 28 years old.) His dad called the police and a tearful Andrew later ended up promising to pick up his toys…er…stuff. The call ended with his dad apologizing to the dispatcher saying that he didn’t want to ruin his son’s political career. Apparently nobody told papa Mizsak that ruining a political career is no longer possible. Thanks Don!





6 Special Brownies

In 2006, Michigan police officer Edward Sanchez pocketed some weed during a bust. That evening, he made weed brownies with his wife and ended up calling 911 to tell the operator that he was dead. He’s no longer a police officer.





5 Calling the Cops on Herself

After a long night of drinking, Wisconsin resident Mary Strey called 911 to report a dangerous driver. After the dispatcher asked whether she was behind the driver, she replied, “No, I am the driver.”





4 I don’t want to go to bed!

When 10 year old Dan Davis’s mom told him to go to bed, he threatened to call 911. When his mom tried to call his bluff, he went forward with it. Although Dan wasn’t arrested, he did get tucked in by a police officer.





3  The Butt Dial

In 2013, some crooks butt-dialed 911 in Oklahoma, right after robbing a house. Apparently, they were overheard discussing their loot.






2 A Not-So-Bright Pothead

A man from Lincoln, Nebraska called 911 to report that some of his favorite hookah pipes had been stolen. When police arrived, however, they were more interested in the “special plants” he was growing around the house.






1  I’m locked in my car!

In 2009, a woman from Kissimmee, Florida called 911 when she locked herself in her car. If you’re wondering how on earth that is even possible…then you can empathize with the dispatcher. After a stunned silence, the dispatcher asked her, “Are you able to pull the lock up on door? You should still be able to pull the lock up even if it’s electrical.” The woman, who apparently did not think of this, proceeded to sheepishly thank the dispatcher.







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