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Actress that goes nude in the movie

1. Elizabeth Berkley In Showgirls (1995)

In a sense they succeeded – it’s certainly not a movie anyone will forget. Just not quite for the reasons they intended.


2. Christina Ricci In After.Life (2009)

 The past ten years or so have been a bit of an odd time for Christina Ricci. Having successfully moved from a child star to a well-regarded grown-up actress, everything seemed to be on the rise for her in the early 2000s – but somewhere along the line she seemed to lose momentum, and the quality of her roles tended to decline.


3 Betsy Rue – My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

with director Patrick Lussier’s lurid remake of 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine – in which the visual treats were of a somewhat different variety. Not content with repeatedly hurling pickaxes into the faces of audiences, My Bloody Valentine 3D also boasts an energetic, fully nude sex scene between Betsy Rue and actor/writer Todd Farmer – but whilst Farmer gets dressed afterwards, Rue doesn’t bother, and proceeds to be stalked around a motel by the masked killer before finally leaving the world much as she came into it: stark naked and covered in blood.



.4 Kitten Natividad – Up! (1976)

Boasting a plot (co-written by Roger Ebert) that’s too mind-blowing bizarre to summarize, and a heavier emphasis on full nudity and graphic sex scenes than had always been typical of his films, Up! cast Natividad as a Greek Chorus, a narrator attempting to relay the incomprehensible plot via a series of equally incomprehensible monologues (all of which were overdubbed by an English actress).



5 . Mathilda May – Lifeforce (1985)

As might be ascertained from the title of the Colin Wilson novel on which it’s based (The Space Vampires), the film casts May as an undead alien who comes to Earth to feed on the life energy of human beings, and makes her job that bit easier by taking the form of a beautiful young woman with a severe aversion to clothing. While she’s only on screen maybe 20 minutes, and the film is bursting with all manner of lavish special effects and histrionic performances, Mathilda May’s scenes are the principle thing that keep Lifeforce memorable more than 30 years on.


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