page contents Best action games of the year 2017

Best action games of the year 2017

1 Critical Ops –

 It is one of the up an coming first person shooters. That also makes it one of the better action games. It’s carries a standard modern premise where you can play as terrorists or as a counter-terrorism unit. It also includes one of the better online multiplayer’s for a shooter on mobile



  1. Duet-

It  is a shockingly intense game for how minimal it is. The premise is that you rotate two balls around a central axis. Your goal is to dodge platforms by rotating the two balls.



  1. Geometry Wars 3-

Dimensions is an arcade game that packs a lot of action. You’ll travel around 3D maps destroying a variety of things in fantastical, colorful explosions



4 Into the Night-

It is an infinite runner with zombies. Your goal will be to run along a bleak and silhouetted landscape while you shoot down as many zombies as you can.



5 Riptide GP-Renegade-

It  is a racing game from a critically acclaimed series of titles. It’s a waverunner game where you race jet skis instead of cars.



  1. Rockstar Games-

 It has a decent library of action games. The most recognizable are the Grand Theft Auto titles. There are just under half a dozen available, each with their own story line and situations.



  1. Sky Force Reloaded-    

It has one of top-down shooter with tons of action. Each level has you flying through a battlefield, destroying enemies, complete in-level objectives, and avoid being destroyed.



  1. Sonic 4 –

It is the latest plat former in the acclaimed series. It’s the most recent on mobile, anyway. This episodic adventure features the basic



9 Super Phantom Cat-

its kind you the one of the old games you have played in your past which include old tricks obstacles to be used



10  Unkilled-

Its kind of zombie killing game just like the dead trigger and dead trigger 2

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