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Best application to find your soul date

  1. Tinder- ( android & ios)

 Its an free app and the one of the most popular app in the market you can  Log in via Facebook, select a few pictures – adding a line or two of description of yourself is optional. You can start swiping yay or nay to what appears to be a never-ending supply of possible matches generated by your GPS position and age preferences.



2 OkCupid-( android & ios)

 OKCupid recently admitted that it had experimented on users by deliberately putting the “wrong” people together. Their claim being “when we tell people they are a good match, they act as if they are – even when they should be wrong for each other”



  1. Happn- ( android & ios)

this app launched 5 months ago with 100,000 people signing up in the first five is growing day by day so join fast it is some how similar to tinder app



  1. Hinge-( android & ios)

 Free, launching in the UK early 2015 Hinge may look a lot like Tinder and rely on Facebook to gather its information, but it digs deeper into the past, looking at the people previously dated, education, religion, profession and interests to find appropriate matches.

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