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best application you do’not know even existed

  1. Morning Routine (Android)-

 it’s an  app for the people who find it difficult to wake up in the morning in order to shut off the alarm, the user has to get up from their bed and scan the barcodes of household items. You’ll be cranky AF, and possibly have a stubbed toe or two, but at least you’ll be awake!



  1. PhotoMath (iOS & Android)

For the person having a brain-fart and needs help with arithmetic. PhotoMath can help you solve number-based equations (i.e., not written word problems), and explain how to get to the result by showing you all the steps. The only caveat is the camera’s scan does not recognize handwritten equations, and the app also cannot solve more complex equations — sorry, students taking calculus.



  1. Robinhood (iOS )

Robinhood is a stock-trading app that allows you to trade in real-time and without the usual $10 commission fee. The app is also streamlined in that your portfolio is all in one place.



5 .  Try-It-On (iOS & Android)

Try It On allows you to preview what your face would look like wearing a specific shade of lipstick. All you have to do is upload a photo, scan the product’s barcode, and then decide whether the lipstick matches your skin-tone.



  1. Prisma-( ios & Android)

Prisma is a Russian-made app that transforms photographs into art. All you need to do is take or select a photograph; crop and rotate it; choose an art style from inside the app.



  1. Hear- (ios)

The “hear” app, formerly known as H—R, remixes the sounds around you using your phone’s built-in microphone or an auxiliary device. This makes for great white noise if you want to drown out the sounds around you – or a fun experiment when you’re bored



  1. Figure – ( ios)

 You’ve probably seen hundreds of apps that promise to help you make music. However, Figure is the first one made by Propellerhead Software: the company that made Reason and ReBirth


  1. Cheatsheet-(ios)

don’t you hate having to keep track of Wi-Fi passwords, your hotel room number, and your ZIP code? With Cheatsheet, you no longer have to!

You can load the app up with “cheats” in the form of passwords, numbers and hints so you never forget another bit of information again.



  1. DuoLingo-

DuoLingo is a strange organization, in the sense that they provide a totally free, community-made, no-strings-attached piece of software that’s great at helping you learn languages

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