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Celebrity who are addicted to sex

  1. CHARLIE SHEEN – Comedian/Actor

According to Vanity Fair, paraphilia is not the only addiction that Sheen has struggled with. The addiction cycle also includes drugs and hookers.

Sheen 52, who back in 2015 confessed to be HIV-positive


2. KANYE WEST – Rapper

One may wonder how world-famous socialite Kim Kardashian feels about her husbands’ confession a few years back that he was a sex addict. According to Details Magazine, Kanye spoke about his insatiable appetite for sex in a past interview.




In 2011, The X Files leading star, David Duchovny, publicly admitted he was addicted to sex. It wasn’t until his now his ex-wife gave him an ultimatum that Duchovny finally sought treatment.


4. ERIC BENET – Singer

R&B and soul singer Eric Benet’s wife Halle Berry discovered he had been unfaithful, forcing him to seek rehabilitation for his sex addiction.  Inspite of checking into rehab for 35 days in an attempt to save his marriage,.



5. RUSSEL BRAND – Comedian

It was once reported that the comedian had sex with 80 women in one month, , it was impossible to turn down all the sex and drugs that were freely offered to him. He later on went to rehab.


6. LINDSAY LOHAN – Actress

She said: “It was a lot of stuff, you know. I enjoy having sex. Being an actress is lonely. I hate sleeping alone.”


He claimed the pair engaged in an affair when her then-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was behind bars. Amy died on July 2011 due to alcohol intoxication.

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