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Top 10 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments

  • Placenta Face Masks –

    Placenta has long been praised for its nutritional value and is often eaten by individuals looking to absorb these benefits. However, in recent years, the placenta has been embraced as an effective antiaging facial treatment.





  • Ceramic Crystals –

    In ceramic crystal therapy, you are injected with ceramic crystals into your skin to give a more youthful look. This is an unusual anti-aging treatment fanned by an actress/model Jerry Hall. Unlike Botox, which wears off after some months, this crystal treatment is considered to be permanent. It may sound like good news to some beauty seekers, but experts warn that it comes with its own complications. For instance, as you age your body loses volume and the crystals become evident. Also, there is another risk of the foreign objects being rejected by your body





  • Leech Therapy –

    Leeches have been shown to speed up the healing process of a wound. No wonder they are being used following a plastic surgery. But it appears leeching has now moved to cosmetic treatment as an anti-aging beauty solution, according to some celebrities. It is alleged that leeching helps to replenish not only the body, but also the soul. According to some allegations, leeching helps in the purification of blood to give a more youthful look. Nevertheless, don’t expect leeching to pop up at your local spa anytime soon as it is only being conducted in some undisclosed locations around the world.





  • Bird-Poop Facial –

    This is a facial treatment that echoes traditional ritual in Japan where dancers used bird excretions to cleanse their face in order to remove heavy lead-based face paints. According to Shizuka Bernstein, the owner of the Shizuka Day Spa in New York City, excretions from birds contain enzymes that help break down and cleanse skin cells. Before you start running in the bush searching for bird droppings, you should know that Bernstein uses sterilized nightingale feces that are dried and ground into powder






  • Bee Venom Treatment –

This is a facial skin-care treatment that is gaining popularity fanned by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue other than Middleton. Sold at a reasonable price of less than $150 per pot, it is claimed that the venom makes your skin tight by pumping up collagen production. This way, it reduces early aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Prior to purchasing the bee venom, it’s worth ensuring that your skin is not allergic. It is always recommendable to carry out a spot-test before you start using any new cosmetic product. Else, consequences might be regrettable and irreversible.





  • Vampire Face-Lifts –

Vampire face-lift promises to keep you young forever. The reasonably expensive anti-aging treatment is conducted in an office by qualified physicians. They spun your blood to detach plasma from the red blood cells. In purified form, the plasma is injected into the skin of the blood donor, says Harold Lancer, M.D., a dermatologist who practices privately in Hollywood, California. The plasma can also be included in a protein pack facial. The biggest question is whether this treatment is effective. Experts say perhaps it is but only for a short period. They recommend other alternative treatments





  • Oil Pulling –

Oil pulling seems like a weird thing to do. I mean swishing around oil in your mouth for 20 minutes every day? What’s the point, right? Well, oil pulling is actually a time-proven healing technique that stems from the 5000year old science of Ayurveda, or Indian Medicine.When oil is swished around the teeth, tongue and mouth it actually massages different points on the tongue, which according to reflexology, are connected to different body organs. The pressure of oil pulling on the tongue indirectly stimulates and massages the different organs mapped out on the tongue.Detoxification is a big part of why oil pulling seems to have an array of health benefits. The accumulation of toxins causes many problems in the body including creating fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, premature aging, hair loss, autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalances





  • Ice Chambers –

When you think of healing, standing in -250 degrees below freezing does not come to mind but in a nut shell this is what cryotherapy is, and the benefits of this kind of healing are extensive. Let’s start with the question, “What is whole body cryotherapy?” Whole body cryotherapy is an innovative way of healing your body using super cooled Nitrogen gas that cools the air around you dropping the temperatures to -133 through -320 degrees F. At these temperatures your body drop from its normal 98 degrees down to about 30-50 degrees putting your body in a “fight or flight” mode. The fight or flight mode” increases blood flow through the body especially to major muscles groups; adrenaline is pumped into your blood stream giving you a natural energy boost. At this time your immune system kicks into high gear providing your body with everything you need to heal quicker and more effectively. Now when you think of healing, standing in -250 degrees below freezing sounds interesting and the benefits as afore mentioned are extensive.


The Process

The process is simple and is over in as quick as two and a half minutes. The first step in the process will be getting into the attire for the whole body cryotherapy session. The technician will have you put on protective socks and slippers that you will wear along with your personal under garments. You will be given a robe and taken back to the cryo chamber itself. There the trained technician will adjust the cryo chamber to your

  • Vitamin Drips – Most medications given intravenously – IV antibiotics, for example – are more powerful. The same is true for intravenous vitamins,” says Dr. Blanche. “The benefits are many, though one of the major benefits is that the vitamins or minerals bypass the gut and go right where they need to be – directly into the bloodstream.”“For any number of reasons, many people have digestive issues so it’s hard for them to absorb nutrients from food and/or nutritional supplements,” Dr. Blanche continues, “With IV nutrients, we get to place the nutrients into the bloodstream directly, ‘filling the tank’ to help the body heal, which has great benefits for the immune system, adrenal glands and so forth.”

What type of nutrients can be administered using a vitamin drip?

Dr. Blanche informs that nutrients can include:

  • Vitamin C – to boost the immune system and fight the flu and viruses.
  • B vitamins – to help with attention, focus and energy.
  • Magnesium – to relax and support every cell of the body, and as a great supplement for athletic performance and recovery.
  • Zinc and selenium – to help support the thyroid, immune system and wound healing.
  • Amino acids – for enhanced brain health.
  • Glutamine – for anti-aging, anti-cancer, and even as a treatment and preventative nutrient for Parkinson’s disease.





  • Snail Slime –

Snail slime is currently used in human cosmetics, by companies such as Biocutis, Misshaus, Alternative Secrets and Réelle Skincare.[8] Snail slime was traditionally used medicinally from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages internally against gastrointestinal ulcers, and in the form of syrup, to soothe a cough[citation needed].Snail slime has also been used by the Bamiléké people of Cameroon to treat burns[citation needed].Snail slime is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging


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