page contents top 6 application to make your life easier

top 6 application to make your life easier

  1. Habitica -( android & ios)

It is a task manager that feels more like a ~game~ than a daunting chore list.



  1. Clue -( android & ios)




 It is a period tracker that predicts when your next period is coming so you don’t have to hold a funeral for your fave pair of undies



3 Venmo -( ios)

it is an app that lets you transfer money to your friends instantly, without worrying about cash



4 Mealime -( android & ios)

it is a meal-planning app that helps you cook something healthy without spending five hours doing it.



  1. Slader -( android & ios)

it is the perfect study buddy for students who prefer to see step-by-step solutions.



  1. Hopper -( android & ios)

 It will save you serious money by finding the best time to buy plane tickets.

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